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Fresh Picks: Cosmic Boys

Fresh Picks: Cosmic Boys

Cosmic Boys were one of the breakout techno artists of 2020, releasing EPs on labels like UMEK’s 1605, and their own Legend imprint.

Their dominance in the studio made them a regular inclusion on Beatport’s top 100, with their peak position coming in at #1.

Motivated to see the success continue, the pair have started 2021 without a break in their schedule, and have already dropped their first release of the year. This month they also have a very special remix EP that reinvigorates a 2007 Dusty Kid classic titled ‘Kore’.

We linked up with them both to get their top tracks from the December 2020 release schedule, with inclusions coming from Mushroom Cake, Alex Stein and Ilija Djokovic, on Drumcode, Terminal M and 1605, among others. Get Cosmic Boys’ Fresh Picks below.

Cosmic Boys – My Soul
Label: Scander
Release: December 10th 2020

My Soul is the last single of 2020 that we released. Scander is the label where we had our first successful release, when we made minimal. In addition, the style of My Soul merges very well with our classic minimal style and the techno style that we are currently doing, as it’s got a groovy rolling bassline with a minimal sound, but the melody is something usually associated with the punchy side of our techno.

Mushroom Cake & Lautaro Ibañez – Alive
Label: Legend
Release: December 17th 2020

Alive was released on our label Legend, and is produced by Mushroom Cake & Lautaro Ibañez, who made their debut on Legend with this release. It’s the perfect combination between heavy and melodic techno. The fat kick and the sweet melody make it a masterpiece, and when the breakdown hits with the lead synth and hypnotising vocal it sounds like time freezes, so when the drop arrives it’s a real liberation with a huge release of energy. It’s such a great track that’s impossible not to love!

Space 92 – 2049
Label: 1605
Release: December 2nd 2020

We love what Space 92 is doing, and he hits hard again with this track, which is a great example of everything we love about him. A super pumping track with an arpeggiating synth line and pad melody, that’s so memorable it sticks in your head. It’s also got a big bassline and a break that makes you travel to another world before a great drop. This cut has everything needed to make anyone dance.

Alex Stein – Headrush
Label: Terminal M
Release: December 14th 2020

If we were playing this track in a DJ set, then we would 100% save it for peak time, it’s a pure bomb! The synth hook is super catchy and the rhythms are incredibly powerful! The bass has a very deep 3 note melody and the vocal is perfectly placed for maximum effect. Not to mention the drop, which drives you completely crazy every time.

We have been following Alex Stein for a long time and his work is always of the highest quality. We are also very happy because he did a remix for Dusty Kid’s ‘Kore’, that’s been licensed to our label for a special reworks EP, which also includes Nure, Frank Deka and ourselves.

Ilija Djokovic – Equilibrium
Label: Drumcode
Release: December 7th 2020

Finally, we have selected Equilibrium, by Ilija Djokovic. It combines melodic techno with both madness and gentleness. The rhythm is tailor made for the dance floor and the euphoric melody line leaves room for the imagination. It nods its head towards the classic melodies of ‘90s tracks, so it’s got a real sense of nostalgia that brings back good memories from days gone by. Emotional records like this are why we love electronic music. It’s a perfect track for the end of a set.