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Fresh Picks: Rudosa

Fresh Picks: Rudosa

Every label from Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave and Christian Smith’s Tronic, to Noir’s Noir Music and Coyu’s Suara has played host to the productions of Rudosa.

The Manchester native has been climbing the global techno ranks for years, and at the end of 2019 he launched his own Moments In Time imprint, where he has so far released music from Reform (IT), Hush & Sleep and himself.

We welcome the British talent for the latest in our Fresh Picks series, where he highlights tracks from Hector Oaks, Rorsch, Hadone, Kander, Balrog, Somewhen and Militia, on labels like Planet Rhythm, Haus22 Records, Bassiani and others.

Hector Oaks – Is Imminent (Somewhen Remix)
Label: Bassiani Records
Release: July 10th

This is an absolute bomb of a remix from Somewhen. It dropped as part of the ‘As We Were Saying’ remixes from Hector Oaks’ album on Bassiani Records. For me this stole the show out of all the remixes; with the incredible hook rave line over vocal snippets and rolling drums. It really elevated the original and worked great in my last set.

Balrog – Industrial Tribalism
Label: Haus22 Records
Release: July 24th

Balrog has only just come to my attention in the past few months after being sent the promo of this Haus22 release, Industrial Tribalism. The Manchester based label are booking some great names in the scene and now putting out some quality releases.

This record from Balrog sounds great pitched up and pitched down and works for me in any set. I like the groove of the low end and how the stabs all work so well together, with the track breaking into a tribal breakdown that has a difference. It’s a very cool track, with an unexpected drop!

Kander – Absence
Label: Civil Unrest
Release: July 6th

Another Manchester act that needs to be shouted about; Kander released this track on their own label, Civil Unrest, that they co own with Kontain.

Absence for me is a perfect track for closing sets, its galloping low end and stripped back drums leave space for what can only be described as an epic melody that transports you somewhere brilliant from the moment it comes in. It’s most definitely one of my favourites to be released this year.

Rorsch – Windows of Soul
Label: Planet Rhythm
Release: July 3rd

Windows of Soul was released on Planet Rhythm in early July by Rorsch, who is no stranger to this solid record label. Windows of Soul really captures all the sounds I am most passionate about; this dark techno track has a deep hypnotic melody and for me is an end of the night track. It’s very cool and a track you can lose yourself in.

Militiā – Deliria
Label: Civil Unrest
Release: July 6th

Another bomb release from the Manchester based label Civil Unrest. This record has some really cool trance elements on the lead melody which fits perfectly over the top of some great crunching low end and rolling drums. This one keeps me hooked all the way through! I can’t help but hum the melodies afterwards and you want it to keep going and going.

Hadone – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Label: Taapion
Release: July 10th

Last but certainly not least, Hadone in my opinion has to win the award for producer of the year! His style of production is so unique; from broken stuff to full on rave records.
‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’ is a great record from his album, which showcases his skills from incredible drum work to wicked vocals and arrangements that would really smash a dancefloor to bits.