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Fresh Picks: Fatima Hajji

Fresh Picks: Fatima Hajji

Fatima Hajji continues to be one of Spain’s most competent techno artists, as is clearly evident from her latest studio offering, her Kua EP on Octopus Recordings.

Alongside Octopus, she’s also seen appearances with imprints like Odd Recordings, Codex Recordings and Dolma Records, and her own Silver M label has brought us music from Dok & Martin, Teqnov and Andre Crom in the past.

To mark the new release, we welcome Fatima to our Fresh Picks series, where she shares her top selections from the October 2020 release calendar, her choices include tracks from Ramiro Lopez, T78, Roentgen Limiter and others. Get the full list, including words from Fatima herself below.

Fatima Hajji – Kua
Label: Octopus Recordings
Release: October 19th 2020

I am very proud of my latest work released on one of my favourite labels, Octopus Recordings. The EP’s title track Kua derives its meaning from eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, this is represented in the track as a range of eight interrelated concepts. This is a happy energetic track that truly represents my sound.

Fatima Hajji – Freedom
Label: Octopus Recordings
Release: October 19th 2020

This is the second track from my recent Octopus Recordings EP and holds one of the best melodies I’ve ever produced. I think it’s really catchy and offers the listener a mix between relaxation, happiness and energy, something that I love to always include in my sets but that’s not easy to find. This time I was able to produce it and, as I said, it’s one of my best tracks to date.

Fatima Hajji – Kua (Rinzen Remix)
Label: Octopus Recordings
Release: October 19th 2020

The icing on the cake is this awesome remix I had from the respected rising US-based electronic artist Rinzen, who added his own distinctive style to Kua, opting to bring the tempo down slightly and deliver a slick progressive house workout, utilising a small selection of the original’s key elements coupled with a powerful chuggy bassline, impressive synth work and dramatic builds and sound effects.

T78 – Sy-Klone
Label: Autektone Records
Release: October 5th 2020

Autektone Records kept dropping heavy material in October and this time, for my selection, I have chosen this stomping track which is, in fact, really different to my usual stuff and with its own style. It’s a very accomplished mix between the acid sounds and the flowing groove, all done under the seal of quality of the Italian onlybombs lord.

Daniel Aguayo – Moderation (Roentgen Limiter Remix)
Label: Silver M
Release: October 5th

This is a great combination between a melodic and a stomping track, with a big dose of aggressiveness, ideal to make the floor dream and sweat at same time. I am really happy to have it released on my own label Silver M, Roentgen Limiter is one of my favourite producers at the moment and he did this masterful remix for a great newcomer, Daniel Aguayo.

Ramiro Lopez – In Stripes
Label: RX Recordings
Release: October 23rd 2020

For the final track in my selection, I’ve chosen something a bit different, a track that has touched my soul, it is strongly melodic but with a heavy bass. For me, Ramiro Lopez is one of the best Spanish techno producers and this time he did it again, an amazing work from a name that you can easily find on my tracklists.

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