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Fresh Picks: Risa Taniguchi

Fresh Picks: Risa Taniguchi

Being born into a global hotspot such as Tokyo instantly exposes one to an overwhelming amount of vastly eclectic influences, but for Risa Taniguchi, music has always been the most tempting.

The past few years have seen the Japanese native release techno-leaning productions with labels like Barcelona’s Clash Lion, UK’s Polymath and Berlin’s Second State, and it’s the latter of which she returns to for her most recent outing.

Four original tracks make up her How We Dance Again EP, coming via Pan-Pot’s ever-growing Second State, a label which should need no introduction for long time techno connoisseurs.

Taking the reigns for this months edition of our Fresh Picks series, Risa shares a well refined list of cuts, with tracks coming from FJAAK, Boddika and Robert S on labels such as Nonplus, Kneaded Pains and Gynoid.

Label: FJAAK
Release: June 30th

I love FJAAK’s music, especially some of their more recent releases. This song captured my heart as much as their ‘Drugs’ one did. Their punk, rave vibes always stand out in summer and I especially like their big beat addition.

Boddika, Ribe – Fusion
Label: Nonplus Records
Release: June 12th

When I first found the album by Ribe, I didn’t know he was Alberto Pascual and thought there was a very talented newcomer! All the songs on the album, well, all the sounds in the album are just great, so I can’t choose one. However, this one with the label head honcho Boddika is the best. The noise, and industrial pad sounds are totally stuck in my head.

Risa Taniguchi – She
Label: Second State
Release: June 12th

This was the third track I released with my beloved Second State, which I think has a bit of an unusual feel compared to the other songs. I know many songs I make tend to lean to the darker side, and this one has a bit more of an unexpected positivity to it. This was an element which I didn’t intend to have originally but when I started working on the song it just happened. I randomly added the major chord pad synth and I liked it. I always play this song when I close my set.

Robert S (PT) – Acid Was My School
Label: Gynoid Audio
Release: June 8th

I am a big fan of his tracks at the moment, this one especially. His music is always straight to the point and I get a lot of inspiration from them in my own productions. Simple but well organised and calculated, without any useless extra parts.

M.I.T.A. – Someone Told Me To Jungle And I Did
Label: Kneaded Pains
Release: June 12th

Every time he delivers music which is out of this world and I am always captured. This one is quite unique, style wise. He blends big floor techno kicks with a nice housey summer vibe, it’s cool. I want to play this outside, in front of lots of people soon.

TWR72 – Mom
Label: TWR72
Release: June 8th

Whenever I try to describe his music, I fail. Because it’s just perfect, even though he uses very simple song arrangements in his works, every single element sounds awesome and whole. The songs are filled with his own vibes. I can’t describe it well enough, but I really like it. Listen for yourself.

Risa Taniguchi’s How We Dance Again EP is out now on Second State.