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Six great drum machines for under £400

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In recent years, many new manufacturers have developed new and interesting drum machines, bringing them to a market of synth hungry studio creatures. This has resulted in the combination of new and old technology, analogue and digital.

We have comprised a list of five of our favourite drum machines, within a £400 budget.


6. Volca Beats
Korg (£119)
tech, technology, drum machines, soundspace, techno, news

The Volca Beats packs a big punch for such a small price tag and its features compare to some of the more expensive drum machines available in the market.

The Volca features a wide range of sounds and even though each sound may have limited controls, they are perfect for shaping each drum to your liking. The kick drum section offers control over the decay and pitch and features a click knob, all of which combined can be used to create anything from deep subby kick drums to tight, punching ones.

The Volca features an analogue sound engine, but it does offer digital control and changes to each sound can be recorded to the 16 step sequencer, in either real time or step time. This solid piece of kit offers a MIDI input and a single line out which does offer limitations, however the Volca Beats is great value for money and a worthy addition to any setup.


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