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Fresh Picks: Aitor Ronda

Fresh Picks: Aitor Ronda

Christian Smith’s Tronic, Pig&Dan’s Elevate and Monika Kruse’ Terminal M are just a few of the top shelf imprints that Spanish techno don Aitor Ronda has released with, and his last outing found him add another special label to the list.

His new four track Beyond The Edge EP arrived via Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid, a label that has been responsible for some of the biggest tracks in techno throughout the past few years.

This months edition of our Fresh Picks finds Mr. Ronda share new productions from Heerhorst, Vinicius Honorio, Gary Beck and more, you can find the full list and words from Aitor Ronda below.

Heerhorst – We Fall
Label: Octopus
Release: 9th August 2019

I use to play many tracks of this great German producer. Also, I got the opportunity recently to remix him, which was a huge honour. We Fall is a superb record as always from him. I don’t usually play too many acid sounds but the way he uses it and how he sequences the filter just got me from the first moment. Great break and even better drop. I just like his sound, kick, everything makes it very easy to play and people love it.

Eduardo De La Calle – Novelkus Curtins
Label: TrashEra Music
Release: 8th August 2019

The master has done it again. Since I met him in his studio 20 years ago his music has always been a point of reference for me, very inspiring. So much class in his works. You can feel his experience throughout the years and his Detroit roots in his last work. I love the hypnotic groove and the futuristic sound of the track. The effects on the drums are superb too, drives the track so well. All together an intense trip out to space.

Vinicius Honorio – Desert Storm
Label: Octopus Records
Release: 9th August 2019

Vini is the king of the groove, a drum beast! This track works so well for me. Big fun to play it and also to mix. It has a rhythm that catches you from the very beginning and keeps you dancing as long as you play it. Defo is a total hip breaker: a great break with an epic pad and a cool vocal.

Truncate – Our Bodies
Label: EI8HT
Release: 9th August

I really like almost everything that Truncate has done, and this is no exception. It’s a perfect tool for your three deck set up. I especially love the old school flavour that it has, which really takes me back to my roots in the early 2000’s when I was playing a load of stuff on a similar tip. The groove is so urgent and just reels you in!

Frankyeffe – Snare
Label: Riot
Release: 5th August

This track is a monster! Don Frankyeffe really has done a huge record of Godzilla proportions, with about the same potential for destruction! It has a massive punch, crazy snare loops and a great vocal, the combination of all these things make it a mad, intense and powerful tune. Sends people down the rabbit hole for sure. I love it, well done!

Gary Beck – Never Found Peace
Label: Materia
Release: 12th August

Love the way Gary got this deep pad, very hypnotic without losing the groove. It’s like you are being taken somewhere really special. A track I usually play to give oxygen to the dancefloor. With this tune, you can breathe life into it without losing any intensity and keep people dancing like they’re in a mighty trance. As always great job by sir Beck!

Grab a copy of Aitor Ronda – Beyond The Edge EP now.