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Fresh Picks: Demuir

Fresh Picks: Demuir

Classic Music Company, I’m A House Gangster, elrow, Kwench and ORIGINS RCRDS are just a few of the imprints that stand out on Demuir’s sonic resume, and this month the Toronto-based artist will add Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations imprint to the list.

Taking care of this months edition of Fresh Picks, Demuir highlights newly released tracks from Ben Sterling, Sijay, Around 7 and more. Grab the full list and words from Demuir below.

Baltimore Chop – What’s Going On? (Slammin’)
Label: Purveyor Underground
Release: June 7th

I love the sample chops this guy brings to the game with his swinging beats straight from Moscow. This track has a raw vocal of a girl talking about the Hip Hop party scene back in the day, which makes its way to the title of the track. This track is great and gets consistent play in my sets as it pushes innovation in house music.

Ben Sterling – Fantasee
Label: Hot Creations
Release: June 21st

I love how the vocal builds this track throughout and how the other elements wrap around it. Ben’s tracks are definite floor fillers because they’re tech-based, but offer a groove you can get into as a DJ and a punter out to feel it. A must-have on the USB for the summer and this one delivers every time.

Aday Chinea – Free (Thomas Cerutti Remix)
Label: Bump Cut
Release: June 28th

Chunky beats and basslines are what you consistently get from Bump Cut and Thomas’ remix is absolutely no exception to the rule. Although this bass is more sub and not necessarily in your face, it does the job to help me deliver the right raw feeling in the club. Such a dope record in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoy the releases coming from this label.

Demuir – Disco In 130
Label: Ondule
Release: June 21st

The synth riff in this sample is hypnotic and I’m so glad Phil Weeks connected to it the same way I did when I made it. I made this some time ago and it bumps so freshly with a driving disco groove. The vocals talk about the experience with the drums following suit to its’ commands. I recently played this in my touring adventures in Australia, which went over a treat with crowds young and mature to the scene.

Sijay – Get You Some
Label: Jump
Release: June 7

Jump always give a fresh appeal with a soulful vibe that’s groovy and not so deep that it becomes boring. The bassline in this one just flows followed by the nicely tuned synth stabs. I play this specifically to get the more advanced dancers out. It has a battle like mentality to it but doesn’t alienate everybody else in the club.

Around 7 – Dice #5
Label: Ondule
Release: June 21st

French production is guaranteed throughout this truly funked-out bassline and groovin’ drum work. This is a must-have to warm the space or deliberately take the audience to another dimension. Around 7 hit the mark here on this one for me and it’s found a fixture in my sets today I enjoy the synth sounds and warmth throughout the track.

Demuir’s High. Alive. And Dirty. EP is out now on Hot Creations.