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Fresh Picks: Weska

Fresh Picks: Weska

Touring with Eric Prydz certainly taught Toronto native Weska a few things about what it takes to make good quality music, as since then the Canadian has released on Cocoon, Filth On Acid, and Drumcode.

His recent return to Adam Beyer’s genre topping imprint found him deliver his original track ‘Alpha Rhythm’ for the 8th edition of their A-Sides series. Other artists on the compilation include Layton Giordani and Nicole Moudaber.

We had Weska put together the latest edition of Fresh Picks, charting his favourite releases from September 2019. Among his selections we find new tracks from Harvey McKay, Wehbba, Cari Lekebusch and more, grab the full list below.

Weska – Alpha Rhythm
Label: Drumcode
Release: 23rd September

I wanted to get just one of my recent tracks in here, and I’m super happy this track came out on such a cool compilation. I really had fun making this track as it’s quite dark and heavy, and it was one of my first trials experimenting with the amazing Xfer Serum synthesizer. I’m selective when I play it, as I don’t think it fits in every set, but every time I’ve played it the reaction has been amazing. That’s the goal isn’t it!?

Push – Universal Nation (Bart Skils Remix)
Label: Filth On Acid
Release: 13th September

I’ve played this track for the better half of this year, as soon as Bart sent me the first edit, and I’ve loved it ever since. It was no shock to me when it hit the #1 techno spot. He did such a good job combining the original with his own style. And the crowd reaction is GREAT every time. Bomb.

Kaiser Souzai – Bulldozer
Label: Codex
Release: 13th September

This track is pure energy. I played it last weekend in the Netherlands and I couldn’t believe how powerful and dark the club went. The atmosphere it creates – the continuous snare rolls, the rolling bass, the builds, it’s got all the elements of a mega tune. It’s lovely to mix as well as there are no melodies, making it extremely versatile. When I first got the promo I couldn’t wait to play it live.

Thomas Hoffknecht – Relax
Label: KD Raw
Release: 9th September

Thomas is a great producer and always seems to apply the perfect combination of unique elements and contemporary sounds to his tracks that really make the POP. This is another super functional dance floor mega track. The weird vocal / synth combo really works well together. When you hear it in your headphones or studio it sounds big, but playing it out live you really hear the track come alive. Heads down for sure!

Pablo Mateo – Don’t Walk Alone
Label: Figure
Release: 23rd September

This track is so nice on the ears, and the soft whispering pads in the background of this song are what really get me. I love getting a new Figure release as I think Len spends a lot of time finding unique artists to add to his label. The other tracks off this LP are more dance oriented, but this one stood out to me the most. I genuinely enjoy just listening and relaxing to it. I also love the hip hop / break beat Pablo has going on.

Marco Faraone, Hertz Collision – Elevate (Alexander Kowalski Remix)
Label: Be As One
Release: 12th September

Marco’s Be As One imprint is a strong underground label, and he’s always consistently releasing proper house and techno tracks. Alexander did a wicked job on the remix here, keeping Marco’s housey vocals in the entire time but adding a powerful, driving arpeggiator that really propels the track. I also love the spooky vocal effect that appears every so often. Great energetic tune.

Harvey McKay – Remember
Label: Kneaded Pains
Release: 13th September

Harvey has done such a cool job combining these soft melancholy chords with this heavy distorted kick to create an interesting atmosphere and listening experience. I love this song because it’s very unconventional and different, but with Harvey’s distorted and functional techno elements. Harvey is a great producer and has been for years, and its’ cool to follow his sound and see how it develops. Very cool track.

Wehbba – Mantra
Label: Drumcode
Release: 23rd September

Really love Wehbba’s productions, this track is hypnotic. He’s an excellent sound designer and so creative with his melodies, and definitely one of my favourite producers at the moment (not to mention he’s a super cool dude as well). This track is a mega bomb and SO complex and captivating, and it really creates a surreal atmosphere when you play it out. It’s definitely a special one.

Cari Lekebusch – Moonstruck
Label: H-Productions
Release: 16th September

One of the many Swedish legends in the techno scene, Cari has been a favourite of mine, and so has his label, especially for the more underground stuff. This track is consistent, trippy, and the synth pluck just rolls the track along, all the while sounding super raw and bringing Cari’s unique drum grooves alive. This track is a perfect one I would save for the early hours of the morning.

Industrialyzer – Moonstone
Label: Second State
Release: 20th September

This one is a full out stadium stomper. The voice is creepy, the kick and bass are so heavy, it’s super functional and goes off! It’s got all the essentials of a stripped back techno thumper. I love that Pan Pot release the harder tracks on their Second State label, but they also release stuff that works, and this is definitely one of them. Awakenings vibes anyone?