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MIX285: Aitor Ronda

MIX284: Aitor Ronda

A very welcome addition to our mix series arrives in the form of Spanish talent Aitor Ronda, who serves a techno-drenched artist mix of exclusively his own productions.

Featuring a bunch of quality original tracks, as well as his remix work for Cosmic Boys, Nakadia, and Durtysoxxx, Aitor’s MIX285 tracklist showcases his talent as both a DJ, and as a studio musician.

He has previously worked with some of Europe’s top techno imprints, including Riot Recordings, Set About, Senso Sounds, Tronic and ELEVATE, and over the past few years has become an absolutely essential piece of Barcelona’s club scene – when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, of course.

01. Intro
02. Aitor Ronda – Funkless
03. Aitor Ronda – The Rise Of The Phoenix
04. Aitor Ronda – Reward
05. Aitor Ronda – Moonlight Heroes
06. Durtysoxxx – Space Gods (Aitor Ronda Remix)
07. Aitor Ronda – Sanke
08. Aitor Ronda – I Ain’t Like You
09. Aitor Ronda – Old Dogs
10. Aitor Ronda – Geodux
11. Nakadia and Sean & Dee – End of Wormhole (Aitor Ronda Remix)
12. Cosmic Boys – Timeless (Aitor Ronda Remix)
13. Aitor Ronda – Splash (Agent Orange DJ Remix)
14. Aitor Ronda – Tancho
15. Aitor Ronda – Virgo
16. Aitor Ronda – Ogon