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Madben discusses his debut on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music

Interview: Madben

French producer Madben adds Anja Schneider’s Sous Music to a catalogue that already includes labels like Maceo Plex’s Ellum and Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings.

We got a chance to ask him a few questions in the lead up to the release, discussing how the tracks landed on Sous, rumours of him returning to Ellum this summer and what plans he has for the rest of the year! Grab the full interview below!

You just released your Landscape EP on Anja Schneider’s Sous imprint, describe your process producing this one?

When I am working in my studio, it’s about that spontaneous feeling. I like to start a track without knowing where it will go. I like to turn on my hardware machines, my mixer and my computer first, then I start to write something on my drum machines, next adding some synths, I let the patterns play and I put my hands on the keyboard or again I program something on my sequencer.

All these parts go to some fx sections or to a sound treatment. When I’ve recorded a proper number of audio sequences, I start the arrangement. It’s my usual way to work!

How did you come to release with Sous? Did you send Anja the tracks or was it just a chance meeting?

I started to speak with Anja over emails a few months ago. Fun fact is that I’ve never actually met her in person yet! It’s all about e-meeting: sharing our passion for the music we worked on at the studio and the music we like to play during our gigs. I was attentive to the Sous’ releases, and I often played some tracks from Anja’s releases and also from Billy Turner – I really liked his release on the label.

From that point, I decided to send my music to Anja, and it seems she enjoyed some demos in the package as a few days after, I was super happy to hear that she wanted to release an EP from me. That’s how the ‘Landscape’ release was born!

And you have also released with Ellum, OFF and Astropolis. Is there a label you want to release on that you haven’t yet?

There are so many great labels today. It’s crazy! To name a few, I love Planet E, Infine and Kompakt. Today I’m lucky enough to work with labels who want to help me grow as an artist. I think about Ellum for example, I’m super proud to be a part of this team, and to share the decks with some amazing artists when they hold their showcases.

With Sous, I feel the same vibe as on Ellum. Anja is a passionate artist, and she wants to give the best she can offer with this label. I like this way of collaboration!

We heard you’re returning to Maceo’s Ellum this year, is this true?

Indeed, it’s true! I signed my first EP back in December on Ellum and I am happy to also announce another will be coming this summer, called Blooming which has three original tracks, plus a super remix. Maceo and I have been playing the tracks in the last few gigs and it’s gone down well!

I remember I met Eric two years ago in Paris for a gig we played at the Trabendo for Tsugi magazine. After the party we were talking backstage, sharing our passion and he said he would like to release an EP from me on Ellum because he enjoyed my music. I was really stoked! A few days later when I was back in the studio, I started to work on a demo package. Eric quickly chose three tracks and few months after The Ceremony EP was ready.

What about your collaborative project, Trunkline, anything new coming there?

With the release of my first album last year, I had less time to work on Trunkline. But for the last few months, we’ve been back in the studio and have new tracks to be released in the coming months.

The first will be a new track on an Italian label called KR/LF. It will be a vinyl release next September for a special various artist. Then we will have an EP to be released around October, but I can’t say more on the label for the moment.

I like the way we are working with my homie Yann Lean and also I enjoy so much to be on stage with Trunkline, to play our hardware live act on stage! We like to improvise a lot, we are coming with hardware gear only and during 75% of the show, it’s all about jamming!

And your Madben live set, what’s on the calendar for that?

I have around 15 gigs planned before the end of the summer. Mainly for DJ sets but sometimes with my solo live act. I hope I will play more and more gigs outside of France in the next months. It’s always something special to travel and meet new people! It’s a real source of inspiration when I’m back in the studio.

Madben’s Landscape EP is out now on Sous Music.