We spoke with Robosonic about his new Ferreck Dawn collaboration on Mother Recordings | Soundspace

We spoke with Robosonic about his new Ferreck Dawn collaboration on Mother Recordings

Interview: Robosonic

Robosonic is, without doubt, one of Berlin’s top house selectors. His music has landed on labels like Get Physical, Diynamic and Defected, and this month he makes a return to Nhan Solo’s Mother Recordings for a new collaboration with Ferreck Dawn that features Gang Starr Foundation’s Big Shug.

We caught up with Robosonic to discuss what it’s like to work with Ferreck, where he’s most looking forward to playing this summer, and what makes Berlin such a special place to call home. Grab the full interview below!

Let’s get straight into discussing your new ‘Let Live’ single with Ferreck Dawn. How did the collaboration come together?

This record is part of a whole series of tracks I made with Ferreck Dawn. He once got in touch by email sending me a track draft, and we took it from there. After that first one, Old Dollars, we made an EP for Kittball and were lucky then to deliver 2018s biggest record for Defected called In Arms. We came up with a very productive best-of-both-worlds-workflow in between Amsterdam and Berlin.

And it features Big Shug from the Gang Starr Foundation, pretty unique idea?

Yeah, well. I’ve been working on these kind of golden era house collaborations before. I made house-hiphop hybrids with Masta Ace, Jeru The Damaja, The Beatnuts, KRS-One and EPMD. It is a concept I’ve been following for a while to incorporate my love for hiphop culture and the roots of my DJing and beatmaking in my dance music.

The element of golden era also refers to good old house music, the history of Berlin techno and rave culture, soul from the 70s and so forth. In some ways it has a retrospective feel, but it is fresh, organic and unique in the way things fall into place. It’s a big honour for me to have these kind of artists in my studio, where i strore all the vinyl records I started buying around the year 2000.

You’re returning to Nhan Solo’s Mother Recordings for this one, why Mother?

They loved the record, they understood that it is as real as it gets. So Ferreck and me thought it’ll make a good home for the tune. They have great reach in the scene of house music, like disco, hiphop, r’n’b and keep waving the flag for house music, while so many have been drifting towards techno.

Get Physical, Defected and Diynamic have also released your tracks, will you be adding any new labels to the list in 2019?

Yes, most definitely. I’m really looking forward to my first Snatch!/BrockWild record for Riva Starr, with an amazing remix by Dario D’Attis. Armada Subjekt will release my collaboration with EPMD called For The People with a dope remix from my dear Scottish friends Illyus & Barrientos.

How about gigs, where are you looking forward to playing most this summer?

Defected Croatia will be a wonderful tour stop I guess. So many great artists and friends in the most beautiful village and festival site in Tisno. This sounds more like holiday with benefits to me. Hometown wise it’ll be my own event in Ritter Butzke, Berlin hosting 2 floors of hiphop and will share the house-techno stage with ANOTR, Kevin Knapp and others on August 3rd. Come around, if it’s not sold out yet.

Let’s talk about your home city, Berlin. What makes it special for you compared to other European capitals?

Thanks to all the travelling I have friends in many places, but Berlin is where most of them are. So that’s special. Same with artists you like and get inspired by. It’s just way too much going on here, but I still feel calm and balanced here. And I do like the fact that so far Berlin has not become too glossy and overrun by commercial culture.

Though you definitely need more and more money, to afford your rent and a decent way of life or to raise kids, because all of this attracts so many people from everywhere, that locals have to compete with. These dynamics are nothing new, it just seems it has been much more free-spirited, liberal, affordable and spacious in some ways.

Thanks a lot for taking sometime out to chat, what’s one tune we should listen to today?

Try the Quibiko remix of In My Arms by Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic. It just came out on Defected, alongside other remixes I was quiet suprised by. Thanks for having me, One Love.

Robosonic & Ferreck Dawn ft. Big Shug – Let Live will drop July 5th on Mother Recordings.