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ARTBAT discuss working with Matador, releasing on Diynamic and more

ARTBAT discuss working with Matador, releasing on Diynamic + more

Continuously furthering their pursuit of putting Ukraine on the map as a beacon for international dance music, production duo ARTBAT have released with Rukus, Diynamic and Afterlife in the last couple of months alone.

Their aural catalogue becomes vastly more impressive with each release, and thus their ability to represent their hometown of Kiev in a positive way.

We caught up with the boys to chat about recent outings, support from Solomun, playing Sugar Loaf Mountain for Cercle and their collaboration with Irish techno veteran Matador. Catch the full discussion below.

Hello ARTBAT! We hope you’re good? How is your summer going so far?

Hi, there, first of all, thanks for having us. We are really good thanks and our summer is pretty fly to be honest. Just played a couple of festivals and intense club shows. Absolutely buzzing for the next couple of weeks / months.

You both come from Kiev in Ukraine, how do you think your local scene differs from the rest of the world?

The scene in Ukraine is growing by the day. There are many new cool festivals and some really interesting clubs. Ukraine’s crowd / audience is not yet as big as for example in Germany or the UK, but we have a very dedicated outgoing community.

People are really educated when it comes to electronic dance music. And of course their taste for good music is very delicate. We play since years at CHI by Decadence House in Kiev and we have nothing but love for this place. Our home base.

Many international headliners like Solomun, Black Coffee, Dixon, Maceo Plex or Tale Of Us have played there.

Recently you collaborated with Irish producer Matador for his RUKUS label, how did you end up working together?

Matador got in touch with our management via social media. After sending a couple of messages back and forth, we all knew it would be great to have a project together. After that, it all went pretty fast. We have been sending a couple of ideas back and forth. Matador is a great composer with a great feeling for the right melody. It was a match made in heaven.

I think we can all be pretty happy with Apollo 11 and Visitor. It’s a fantastic mix of his and our vision. An absolute pleasure to have worked with him as he’s a pure talent with great taste.

And tell us about your relationship with Diynamic, you’ve put a couple of releases out with those guys now?

Our relationship with Solomun and his team is pretty close. It’s been a pleasure working with this dedicated team on so many occasions already. It all started in 2016/2017 with Uplift. To release on Diynamic was always a big goal and dream for us.

Solomun has been great supporting us until now. We are very grateful for what he has done for us. Planeta EP in 2018 was kind of a breakthrough release. It put our name right there and opened many doors. And of course Upperground EP earlier this year was one of our biggest achievements so far. Let’s see what’s next.

Embassy One, Watergate, fryhide and Suara have all released your music as well, who’s the next label you’ll be adding to the list?

We have had some busy release weeks lately. Orbital got released on Marc Romboy’s 15 Years Systematic sampler and one of our long kept secrets Element is out in the record stores since via Afterlife. Both tracks are already in the Beatport Melodic Techno Top 10. That makes it 10! tracks in the actual Melodic Techno Top 100. An unreal feeling.

We caught your performance on Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro for Cercle, which currently has 2.5M views on YouTube, tell us about the experience of playing such a unique location?

As already said by you – it was something unique and rare. A very very special event to play at one of the most iconic places in the world. The views combined with that crowd was eclectic.

It’s been an absolute honour to have played for Cercle. We love what these guys are doing. Everything they touch is gold and an enrichment for the electronic music culture and community.

We’re beyond thankful for that opportunity and words can simply not describe the feeling when you are up in the clouds, looking down on Rio De Janeiro while the sun sets. Goosebumps.

Lastly, what’s one show you’ll be playing this summer that you’re most excited about?

There’s too many to name and we are looking forward to all of them. We are excited to be part of some of the biggest festivals like EDC, CRSSD Fest, Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Loveland, Untold, Fusion and many more. But of course, we’re also thrilled to play in Ibiza, Mykonos and Beirut. As we said too many exciting events coming up.

ARTBAT’s Element is out now on Afterlife.