We spoke with Frankey about his new Dream EP for Poker Flat Recordings | Soundspace

We spoke with Frankey about his new Dream EP for Poker Flat Recordings

Interview: Frankey

German producer Frankey will most notably be known for his work under the Franky & Sandrino project, with the duo releasing their emotively driven brand of house on labels like Innervisions, Kompakt and Diynamic.

Now putting out tracks as a solo artist, Frankey debuts his Dream EP on Steve Bug’s renowned Poker Flat Recordings, a label whose catalogue features Josh Butler, Alex Niggemann, Marco Resmann and Hannes Bieger.

We spoke with him about the new release, putting out music without Sandrino, and the duo’s residency with Berlin club Watergate this summer.

Your Dream EP just came out on Poker Flat Recordings, tell us about your approach to this one? Any special moments during the production phase?

Both tracks were created in the moment without any intentions or guidelines. Sometimes I get this pure creative moment where I capture a certain feeling that arises from the interaction of groove and hypnotic deepness.

Especially with Dream, I realised already in the early stages, that this special unique vibe transfers really good to the dancefloor, so I felt like this has to be released on a proper label like Poker Flat.

And alongside Sandrino you have put music out on some massive labels, including Kompakt, Diynamic and Innervisions, is there anything forthcoming that might be worth sharing?

Actually, there are quite a few Frankey & Sandrino releases lined up this year: So, 2019 will bring releases on Lossless, Cin Cin, Philomena, Innervisions, Mule Musiq and Watergate Records.

What about the decision to release music as a solo artist? Why not just put everything under Frankey and Sandrino?

Simply because I also produce music alone. I always did, but never cared too much about releasing it, but now it was about time. It feels like quite a productive phase at the moment as you can also see with the release schedule for Frankey & Sandrino this year.

The Dream EP only includes original tracks, no talk of remixes? Maybe down the road?

At the moment I don´t see remixes for this. I can’t really tell you why, but it just feels like there is no need for remixes here.

You and Sandrino have a residency with Berlin club Watergate during the summer, with Jimi Jules and Chloe on the line ups, excited for that?

Oh yeah, really looking forward to this summer season at Watergate, as last year’s residency was simply amazing. Each night unique, energetic, with a beautiful open-minded crowd.

Honestly, when we had the first residency offer for Watergate last year, we thought, alright this is gonna be nice and the club has a good reputation, but then the actual nights went far beyond our expectations.

Really happy this year to have Jimi Jules and Chloe on board as Sandrino & I are big fans of their work. Besides that, the first solo night on the 04.07 will also be my birthday celebration.

And what makes Berlin’s club scene different to other European cities?

Berlin is Berlin. I still think it’s the party capital of the world, but it feels like especially local clubbers from Berlin nowadays tend to forget what they really have there. I still enjoy it very much, but maybe also because I never felt like moving there.

I guess when you are confronted every weekend with the clubbing madness of Berlin, it gets overwhelming, maybe even annoying here and there. But coming and going makes it still a lot of fun.

Frankey’s Dream EP is out now on Poker Flat Recordings.