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Kahn & Neek dropped from Rinse Born & Bred due to Azealia Banks

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Bristolian grime producers Kahn & Neek have been drooped from Rinse Born & Bred festival, and it’s all Azealia Banks’ fault.

Kahn took to Facebook to vent his frustration, explaining that budget reorganisations in the wake of Banks cancellation were the reason for not being able to perform.

“I was already appalled from afar by Azaelia Banks after all that ignorant bullshit last week” Kahn writes, “and now, since she’s been dropped from Born & Bred festival (where Neek and myself were meant to be performing), I’ve just been told that they’ve had to re-organise the whole budget and we’ve been dropped from the festival now too… thanks a bunch”

Not only did Banks racially abuse former One Direction man Zayn Malik she also decided to have a pop at the UK rap and grime scene, accusing the scene of having no ‘swag’. I don’t know about you, but I feel the less swag grime has the better.

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