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In Focus 001: Uner & Solar Distance

In Focus: Uner & Solar Distance

Spains own Uner has been permanently making his mark both as a producer and also as a label owner. Besides his own music seeing releases with Diynamic, Suara and Last Night On Earth, he has also welcomed tunes from people like Copy Paste Soul, SIS and Lee Van Dowski on his Solar Distance imprint.

Kicking off a new mix series titled In Focus, we deliver one mix per month that takes a closer look at the workings of a top shelf label and its main captain, starting out the series we thought no one better than Uner and his Solar Distance team.

See below for an interview on how Solar Distance came to be as well as an exclusive mix from Uner himself, featuring music only from the labels catalogue.

Q1. Let’s go back to the very first release on Solar Distance, why did you decide starting a label was the right step?

Solar Distance was born from the desire to create my own house and musical family. It’s a platform to be able to release the music I love, and bring new opportunities to unknown artists with great talent. It’s really difficult today for many artists just starting out, because the big labels are dedicated to releasing (most of the time) established names. I also use the label for myself, a place where I can develop what I want to without any limits of style or genre.

Q2. And what was the biggest struggle you faced in the beginning?

Time. You must search and dedicate the necessary time to be able to develop a project like this. That was the most difficult, but thank god I have a team of incredible people working with me and they are as important as myself, perhaps even more!

The rest was more or less easy, since the passion we feel for music makes it possible to find the solution to any problem.

Q3. Was there a moment or a release when you thought ‘this is it’?

Every moment is a “this is it” moment! Ha ha ha.

We are so excited with all the releases, so everything for us feels like a “this is it”. The most important thing is to try and find special music from special people. The rest will come. Whatever it is, if you do it with love, it’s incredible.

Q4. The internet and services like Spotify have allowed almost anyone to put out a release, do you think the ease of access is good for the industry or has it only filled the stores with mediocre music?

There has always been mediocre music. A label is not only a design and an account on Beatport, but a team of people who help you develop a career, work on your promotion etc. But that is something that the artists themselves must understand and assist you with. There is also labels with a mediocre attitude.

I think that there is a misconception that in this industry right now that everyone wants to be a star and they try to repeat what the big guys are doing. Many labels have been created only with the idea of becoming ‘famous’ and this makes it impossible to deliver amazing music to the fans.

Q5. What label continually impresses you besides your own?

Without a doubt, there are three at the top of my head; Erased Tapes, Innervisions and Kompakt.

Q6. Tell us what’s next for Solar Distance?

This year, we have decided to leave a little more space between releases since the promotion is really important to us and for the artists. So leaving more time between each release, gives us more focus on each. We are going to be working on about ten per year instead of twelve.

A new design, new members in the production team and some new and incredibly talented artists are all coming! We are always looking forward with music, never behind. We’ll keep fans in the loop on everything that is happening this year, but we are sure that it will be a great year. This is it!

01. UNER – Bahai
02. Cleave Martinez – Metropolis
03. SIS & Alex Kennon – Hijs Del Mar (UNER Remix)
04. Phillip Bader – Another Day
05. Natural Flow – Dethroning (Lee Van Dowski Remix)
06. Lower & OSpP – Paraphonic
07. Fideles ft. Haptic – Monark
08. Luca Maniaci – Alba
09. Prymate & Raul Rodriguez – Mother
10. Copy Paste Soul – Edge