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Fresh Picks: 2pole

Fresh Picks: 2pole

This month’s Fresh Picks welcomes the selection talents of German double act 2pole. Known for their releases on Suara, Hydrozoa and Tronic, the latter of which they return to for a new two-album project.

Among their techno-focused picks, we find productions from Andres Campo, Benjamin Damage, Hunter/Game, Legowelt and more. Grab the full list below, including words from 2pole themselves.

Lindsey Herbert – Eine Reise Durch den Geist
Label: Ascetic Limited
Release: 13th May

We really love to play atmospheric songs in clubs which are floating around in your brain with evolving pad sounds. Lindsey Herbert delivered such a nice feeling to us with her track Eine Reise Durch den Geist. The arrangement is quite perfect, combined with deep kick drums, noisy hats and percussion and a hypnotic synth line, which runs through the whole song. And as the track title says, it is a great journey through our soul.

Andres Campo – Forget
Label: Odd Recordings
Release: 3rd May

We think that techno producer Andres Campo doesn’t need an introduction. We play quite a lot of his works in our sets. And we have to say: they’re all bangers! So is Forget. The distorted kick nicely balances the repetitive vocal line, which keeps the dark mood. The track itself is so simple, yet so effective in our sets. By the way, keep an eye on the label Odd Recordings run by Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez if you like techno like this.

Dusty Kid – Pantagruel
Label: Suara
Release: 20th May

For us, this has been one of the biggest tracks of Coyu’s label Suara so far this year. A huge raw synth lead melody with a rave twist, big beat and groove arrangement added with some break beats and a retro style melody. That’s it, it’s exactly what the dancefloor needs! Pantagruel always gives us a lot of hands in the air moments and a huge atmosphere at the clubs. Dusty Kid knows how to work it out!

Len Faki – Robot Evolution (Benjamin Damage Live Remix)
Label: Figure
Release: 13th May

Len Faki is one of the key people when it comes to techno. But he’s a nice guy too! All tracks and remixes he’s made are bangers and guaranteed floor fillers everywhere we play. In combination with Benjamin Damage it gets much hotter and more powerful (yes that’s really happening here!). The amazing groove of the track is absolutely powerful and impulsive. Then comes the vocal, which burns into our brains. Robot Evolution is perfect techno.

Legowelt – Disco Rout (Younger Rebinds Remix)
Label: Cocoon
Release: 6th May

This is not a typical techno track, but we think that this remix of Legowelt’s Disco Rout made by Younger Rebinds is a nice fit to our sound. They used arpeggios with minimalistic synth sounds that add a feeling to that track which is amazing and caught our attention. We also really dig the kind of old school electro vibe of the beats when combined with the synth. It’s a fresh sound to break the minimal and dark techno tracks for a bit. We like that!

Hunter/Game – Silver (Silence Live Mix)
Label: Kompakt Extra
Release: 10th May

Silver is again such a track which has got that airy pads flying around. The Silence Live remix is perfect for our sets but also for listening at home. This song has got a lot of dubby sounds, which they played as a hypnotic arpeggio and groovy beats. We’re really digging the synth progression and percussion that evolve throughout the track, giving way to a twisted and intense journey. It takes the set into a trippier vibe without losing any energy.

2pole – 1ne LP will drop June 24th on Tronic.