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Christian Löffler releases new single ‘Solo’

Christian Löffler releases new single 'Solo'

Previous releases from German producer Christian Löffler have seen him work with record labels like Mesh, 20/20 Vision, and Cercle Records, as well as an official remix for Moby’s iconic Porcelain.

His first original release of the 2022 year finds him bring his new single ‘Solo’ to the world, a lively and heart warming electronic cut that arrives courtesy of Ki Records.

The label has welcomed productions from established names such as Aparade, DJ Counselling, Nathan Fake, and Ruede Hagelstein in the past.

Alongside the aural side of things, Solo also features a music video filmed by Christian himself, showing the area surrounding his studio at the Baltic Sea beach. Commenting on the video, Christian said “This landscape has always given me a great deal of comfort.”

Christian Löffler – Solo is out now on Ki Records.

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