Watch Flava D (Butterz, Night Bass) Break Down Her Track ‘Happy’ | Soundspace

Watch Flava D (Butterz, Night Bass) Break Down Her Track ‘Happy’

Point Blank welcomed another artist into their studio complex at Orsman Road, London, to deconstruct one of her biggest tracks. Flava D has been on their radar for years, with her blend of Garage, House, Grime, Funky and Bassline. For her meet up with PB’s DJ Ravine, they got a look under the bonnet of her track ‘Happy’ – officially released this year but dating back a few – it’s a rolling, warm garage cut. Check out the video below for a peek at Flava D’s workflow and, don’t forget, you can learn exactly how to use these techniques with Point Blank’s own Music Production Courses.

A producer since the age of 16, Flava D is a musician who relies completely on her inner sense for a melody. With no formal training or more than a passing knowledge of theory and terminology, she works with a melodic precision that suggests the exact opposite. This trust in her own ability is perhaps why, even in those very early days, she was selling instrumentals to artists via PayPal, eventually including the E3 Tiger himself, Wiley. Since then she has a name for herself in her own right, working closely with legends like Elijah & Skilliam and DJ Q, and releasing on the former’s Butterz label.

Now firmly established as one of bassy UK music’s leading lights, Flava D has been self-releasing records more recently, including the More Love album where ‘Happy’ can be found. You can learn several of her favourite production techniques in the video, which demonstrates an extremely streamlined way of working. Flava D also reveals how the track initially came about via Miss Fire’s vocal and both she and DJ Ravine wax lyrical about Ableton’s Ping Pong Delay feature.

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