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Under The Radar Pt. 4 – E-MU 4XT / Ensoniq EPS

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Point Blank and R&S’ Sam Willis discuss the E-MU 4XT & the Ensoniq EPS in the final episode of Under The Radar.

For the final episode of Point Blank’s Under the Radar series, R&S/Ecstatic records’ Sam Willis (Primitive World), also a Point Blank instructor, sits down with Glenn McGlynn to go through two more iconic bits of hardware. The E-MU 4XT Ultra and the Ensoniq EPS 16+ the latter being used by the likes on Raekwon, Rza and Ghostface Killah. Both in a rack, these legendary samplers have dropped drastically in price over the years and are immensely powerful tools to have at your disposal when producing your tracks.

For those that haven’t been following the series, Sam and Declan have been discussing several iconic instruments that may have perhaps passed ‘Under The Radar’ over the years. We have seen samplers and synths from the likes of Casio and Korg, and the insightful videos are all available on Point Blank’s YouTube channel, as well as a library of Masterclasses, tutorials and more. Subscribe Here.

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