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Twitch Belfast share their top five new tracks

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Words by Phil Lucas / Twitch

With our 9th birthday upon us it’s really easy to get nostalgic and look to do a ‘Twitch Classics’ top five, you can check out our website under the about section for a top ten from each of the Twitch residents!

It’s good to reminice on the past and some of the great artists we’ve brought over, parties we’ve thrown and tracks that have been important to the night but it seems to happen every year!

I think there is so much good music about now that it’s great to stay focused on that which is why I chose to do a current top five of recent releases. These are in no order, just five tracks I’m liking at the minute.

Over the next while we have our 9th birthday party, a very special Steffi live set along with vocals and a DJ set from Virginia in December and we round off the year at The Hudson with some dance music royalty in the form of Bill Brewster (writer of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, runs DJ History and famed for the New York Low Life parties in the late 80’s) and that is a free party on Boxing Night. 2016 plans are already well underway with plenty of new faces as well as some returning Twitch favourites.

Anyway 5 fairly freshly released and current tracks, let’s go!


Theo Muller – Walhouz

Taken from an EP of incredibly well produced house music where every track is very playable, this is my pick of the release.

I’ve played this track at pretty much every gig since purchasing, it fits in early on in the evening or as a transitioning track when wanting to take things a bit deeper at more peak times. This sits nicely between deep and tougher territories which makes it a track that I can see remaining in my sets for a long time.


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