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Introducing the wearable subwoofer, The Basslet

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Explore the thousands of intriguing concepts available on Kickstarter and you might just stumble across this latest piece of technology. The Basslet has launched via the fund support site and describes itself as “a wearable subwoofer for your body”.

German collective Lofelt are the creative minds behind the venture. The watch sized device can plug into any 3.5mm headphone port. From here it can process feedback for your wrist that the Lofelt crew state is “completely silent to the outside world”.

The Basslet has been choreographed to be used with music, gaming and VR in order to fully immerse the listener in sound. Lofelt are also encouraging DJ’s and producers to try it out in order to monitor their music more effectively, especially when the volume is down.

So, how does it work? The device re-imagines bass frequencies from 10-250Hz and births an illusion of standing right beside a subwoofer. Sounds promising; especially when two members of the Lofelt team have previously worked for both Ableton and Native Instruments.

Already The Basslet has made over 17,000 Euro of its 50,000 Euro target. Supporters can purchase one for an early price of 99 Euro. If the concept is successfully funded, it is expected to be distributed to backers in December of this year.