MIX260: Angioma - Soundspace

MIX260: Angioma

MIX260: Angioma

French born, Barcelona based DJ and producer Angioma has grown an exciting following around his Room Lab and Room Trax projects.

As an online streaming platform Room Lab has hosted performances from Radio Slave and Audiofly, and his Room Trax imprint has released Ryan Crossan and Blanka among others.

Returning to our feeds, Angioma delivers a club-primed techno mix that tracklists Anetha, Hector Oaks, FJAAK and more.

01. Frazi.er – Emotional State
02. Fadi Mohem – On The Line
03. FJAAK – Breath
04. Nikk – Ten, Eight, Seven
05. Woo York – Iskra
06. Jay Clarke – Vizualize
07. Cleric – Restore
08. Phara – Traizon
09. Angioma – Reverberate
10. Schake – Trained To The Floor
11. Anetha – Virtual Ritual
12. Stef Mendesidis – Cyber Document
13. Troy – Flux
14. Ellen Allien – Free society (Hector Oaks Remix)
15. Ike Dusk – Evolve

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