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Masters at Work: James Wiltshire (Freemasons, Beyoncé)


The esteemed producer shows Point Blank how to create a drum track


James Wiltshire is a true master of his craft. Having spent the past two decades mixing, engineering, remixing and producing huge artists like Kylie and Beyoncé as well as hitting the UK top ten as part of the dance duo Freemasons, he’s built up a wealth of knowledge and a pretty impressive studio.

Point Blank visited his Brighton facility to film three detailed videos on how to create, arrange and mix a drum track using both hardware and Ableton Live. James records his TR-808, SP-1200 and more recent TR-8 through his SSL X-Series Rack and API preamps before moving into the box and showing you his arrangement tips as well as mixing and even some master buss processing. Make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel so you never miss another tutorial.

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