Julien Earle drops new techno single 'Your Affection' | Soundspace

Julien Earle drops new techno single ‘Your Affection’

Julien Earle drops a new release on his own label Reflection and it’s a fast and furious techno track called ‘Your Affection’.

The release features only a single track, which is similar in style to the works of producers such as Space 92 and Reinier Zonneveld, but it’s also distinctively original due to the choice of vocals.

It’s certainly got some trance inspired qualities and the breakdown is a rollercoaster of emotions that will have a dancefloor screaming out for more before the drums return to deliver some more punishment.

Alongside the driving percussion rhythms, the main groove consists of a euphoric synth line, pulsating bassline, and an array of dark atmospherics.

In addition to releasing on his own record label, Julien Earle has also dropped music on the likes of Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek and Spektre’s Respekt.

Julien Earle – Your Affection is out now on Reflection.

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