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Interview: Sifa

Interview: Sifa

Born in Belgium, now living in Paris, house DJ & producer Sifa boasts a catalogue of music that includes outings with Natura Viva and Kompakt.

Next up on the Belgian’s release calendar is a remix for Be.Lanuit on Afroterraneo, which alongside the original mix also includes another edit from Zuma Dionys.

Talking to Sifa, we got to ask him about the new track, which labels he might be releasing with soon, what’s to come on his Depth imprint and more.

You’re about to release your Be.Lanuit remix with Afroterraneo, tell us how the edit came about?

My dear friend Bernardo (Be.Lanuit) messaged me to be part of his upcoming release. It’s a project he has been working on for a few years so I was excited to bring my touch to it. I remember him explaining his vision to of SANTË, a project with multiple artists coming from different parts of the world.

And it also includes a Ritual Expression version, how does that differ from the main remix?

For the main remix I wanted to make something that can be listened to when just enjoying a drink and could also be something to dance to at beach club. The ambient mix is more of a trip into the mind of the Olmecs. I wanted to have a soundtrack that could fit for example, a movie or documentary about their rituals.

There is another remix on the release, from Zuma Dionys, what’s your thoughts on that track?

ZD’s remix is very interesting as it gives the whole EP a version that everyone will like. I really liked the way he included elements such as the electric guitar, giving the remix something special. Makes me think of some of Michael Jackson’s songs.

Do you approach a remix any differently to an original project?

Not really, I try to work on a remix the same way as on original material. Of course with remixes it’s easier because there is a lot to work with from the start. The goal remains the same in trying to bring something that will take you on a trip, whether it’s spiritual or just a feel good moment.

In the past you’ve released on Natura Viva and Kompakt, what other labels can we expect to see you on soon?

I still have some work to finish but after Afroterraneo, I’ll probably be back on my own label Depth.

What about Depth, who can we expect on there?

The next release will be an EP by Valer Den Bit with remixes by West & Hill and Ian Ludvig.

You’re from Brussels but now live in Paris, was this a career focused move?

Not at all. I moved to Paris for a last minute job offer I got back in May. If it wasn’t for the job I would probably have stayed in Brussels.

And how would you compare the pre-covid club scenes of the two cities?

Being a bigger city Paris has a much larger scene and more to offer. There is a club for everyone. From soulful house to DnB. A city like Brussels can only afford to have two big events per night.

Thanks for talking to us, before we go, tell us what goals you have set yourself for 2021?

My goals for this year are to do more things I love, to produce more music I love, and to spend more time with my loved ones.