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Fresh Picks: Klaudia Gawlas

Fresh Picks: Klaudia Gawlas

Klaudia Gawlas has released her unique and energising brand of club-focused techno music on some of the biggest labels the genre has ever seen, including Coyu’s Suara, Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD, and Dubfire’s SCI+TEC.

The Polish-born, now German-based DJ and producer has also played to crowds at some of the worlds top festivals and clubs, with Tomorrowland, Time Warp and Awakenings Festival all listed amongst her touring resume.

She joins us this month for the latest in our Fresh Picks series, where she highlights new productions from Alan Fitzpatrick, Andres Campo, and Thomas Schumacher, on labels such as Drumcode, Armada Music, and CLR. Get the full list, including words from Klaudia Gawlas herself, below.

Alan Fitzpatrick & Reset Robot – Lotus
Label: Armada Music
Release: July 29th

“This one starts out with a straightforward bassline and drums. The dreamy ambiance is getting stronger whilst the song builds up. It feels like a choir which is singing louder and louder, building the song in such a strong and exciting way. The bell ringing in the background moves beautifully in the stereo field and create a perfect ambience for me.”

Rudosa – Rejected
Label: Moments In Time
Release: July 29th

“I love the heavy distorted bass drum which is surrounded by staccato-like precise drums at the beginning. The screaming synthesizer which comes in every 4 bars emphasize the darkness in this track. When the acid sound comes in, the track just begins to roll. The filter which evolves this cool melody in a very natural and exciting way gives this song a flow that really pushes.”

Andreo – Cavraex
Label: Drumcode
Release: July 15h

“This song is just a banger. This massive bass drum which is embedded into a noisy ambience and way-pointing marching drums makes the dance floor vibrate. The simple but effective melody changes its intensity in a very cool way by playing with the resonance of the filter, the reverb and the echoes to give me the feeling that the lead sound is changing its position. It’s just amazing.”

Andres Campo & Ramiro Lopez- Homework
Label: Odd Recordings
Release: July 8th

“A The stomping bass drum which is surrounded by the heavily processed famous vocals is marching right from the beginning on. The howling synthesizer emphasizes the build-up and increases the tension by getting processed in a very aggressive way, alternating with a second growling sound coming in right before the drop which makes the drop setting the floor on fire.”

DEAS – Symmetry
Label: CLR
Release: July 15th

“A very deep bass drum and varied programmed drums makes this song interesting from the beginning. The breath-like sound which is thrown in alternates with a growling acid sound what makes the atmosphere in this track so great and enjoyable. The snappy hi-hats underline the build and the progress in this song, making it a banger on the floor.”

Thomas Schumacher – Blakkout
Label: Electric Ballroom
Release: July 29th

“Beginning with a rolling bassline and the pitch bended lead sound, this song gives you right at the start an outlook on what to expect. The plucky synthesizer pushes you forward along the song, and the lead sound which is supported by a heavy resonating acid sound combined with the heavy claps and kicking drums make the drop just incredible.”

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