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Fresh Picks: Marcel Fengler

Fresh Picks: Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler has been at the top of the European techno game for multiple decades now, regularly playing to crowded dancefloors at clubs like Berghain / Panorama Bar, Shelter Amsterdam, and eastern hotspot Bassiani.

He’s also released music on some of club musics most renowned record labels, such as Ostgut Ton, Soma Records, and Suara over the years, and his work with his own IMF (Index Marcel Fengler) imprint has been highly impressive, with his talents as an A&R bringing productions from Kyodai, PaperMacheTiger, and Dave Bloom to the label.

This week he turns his attention to some of techno’s most recently released gems, as his choices for Fresh Picks include tracks from Etapp Kyle, Chris Liebing, KiNK, and others. You can find the full list, including words from Marcel Fengler, below!

Alys LF – Tuillo
Label: Skryptöm
Release: May 12th

“The Skryptöm label by Parisian artist Electric Rescue has released a whole series of massive releases, which I regularly play in my sets. The ‘Tuillo’ EP from Alys SF seamlessly fits into this line-up. It features a series of very functional tracks, with ‘Tuillo’ being my absolute favourite. Whether in the build-up, peak-time moments, or towards the end of my sets, this track is an all-purpose weapon. I hope to hear more from Alys LF in the future.”

Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix)
Label: Columbia
Release: May 5th

“I always find it extremely challenging when tracks from popular artists get remixed. Especially when it comes to a band like Depeche Mode and two absolute legends of techno, Chris Liebing and Luke Slater, join forces for it. Of course, it’s certainly not the first series of remixes of Depeche Mode by outstanding artists in the electronic music scene. However, from my personal perspective as a UK native techno DJ, this remix of ‘Ghosts Again’, the first single from their latest album ‘Memento Mori’, is truly exceptional and stands out among other remixes released in recent times. It’s a perfect symbiosis of the strengths of both remixers. When played at the right moment in a set, it guarantees goosebumps!”

Sons Of Hidden – Anaconda
Label: Unrillis
Release: June 2nd

“The first time I noticed the Colombian duo was on a compilation from the Emerald label by Remko Beekwilder, whom I also greatly admire. Since then, they’ve been constantly evolving their sound. With their current EP, ‘Anaconda Healing,’ they have delivered a production that I consider to be absolutely matured, showcasing their focus on percussive groove patterns and almost shamanic sound design. The title track, ‘Anaconda,’ exemplifies the universal appeal of the entire EP. It’s a definite must-have.”

Kenji Hina – Drilling
Label: Molekül
Release: May 23rd

“I’m a big fan of Alarico’s productions. Under his pseudonym Kenji Hina, he has already released a series of very successful tracks. Initially, I was a bit surprised by his release on Molekül because I had placed the Parisian label in a different sound territory. However, the tracks on his recently released ‘Bring It Down’ EP quickly made their way back into my playlists. ‘Drilling’ is clearly my favourite among them!”

Felicie – The Halo Effect
Label: Clergy
Release: June 2nd

“For me personally, Felicie is one of the most interesting artists of the last 2-3 years. Her clear focus and transition towards more hard groove-influenced sets resonates with me. This is also evident in her ‘Art Of Detachment’ EP, which is released on Clergy. Overall, it’s a very well-executed EP, with ‘The Halo Effect’ impressing me the most with its energy.”

KiNK – Vacation
Label: Hypercolour
Release: May 26th

“KiNK is definitely one of the most creative artists these days in my opinion. His seemingly boundless portfolio of skills and his ability to use them intuitively bring pure joy to both the ears and the eyes. On the occasion of the 100th release of the label Hypercolour, he recently dropped a killer four-track release titled ‘For The People’. My pick from this release is the track ‘Vacation’. It’s an absolute dance floor banger that reminds me, in parts, of the glorious M-Plant productions by Rob Hood, especially with its heavy stabs. A top-notch tune!”

Dominik Eulberg – Gelbspötter (Etapp Kyle Remix)
Label: K7 Records
Release: June 2nd

“Etapp Kyle is another artist who never fails to fascinate me with his versatile skills, both as a DJ and a producer. His ability to create complex and sophisticated sound design is truly something special. That’s why I’m thrilled to have released a track from him as part of the 10th anniversary VA for my label IMF, which was released at the end of 2022. His newly released remix of Dominik Eulberg’s album ‘Avichrom’, also released on K7 in 2022, seamlessly fits into his impressive output. It’s a magnificent track that carries an immense sense of depth. Close your eyes and feel the goosebumps.”

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HARDPROOF VA is out now on IMF.