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Fresh Picks: Alex Kennon

Fresh Picks: Alex Kennon

Alex Kennon’s musical journey began when he was a child in Italy, and several decades later, he has become a fully-fledged, internationally touring DJ and one of house music’s prime talents.

As a producer Kennon has appeared on leading labels such as Relief, Saved, Rebellion and Crosstown Rebels, and his keen ear for DJing has put him in front of some of the worlds most renowned dancefloors.

This month we welcome him to Fresh Picks, where his selections include tracks from Joseph Ashworth on Disco Halal, Matt Sassari on Truesoul and Riva Starr on Snatch!, get the full list below.

Joseph Ashworth – Alternator
Label: Disco Halal
Release: February 28th

Really like this track from Joseph Ashworth, it really reminds me of fun summer memories with such nice percussion, also really interesting the Arabic riff in it. What the Disco Halal guys are doing is so cool and I love the way they’re blending so many cultures of music.

Sejva – You Must Understand
Label: Diynamic
Release: February 21st

This track has a really nice hypnotic vocal and lead synth, multi-flavours one. It’s great to play at the beginning of a party as it really speaks to a crowd, when it comes on you can often see how the vocals really command the dance floor.

Matt Sassari – Cooking Drums
Label: Truesoul
Release: February 3rd

Classic Matt Sassari groove, fat and full of power, the kind of track you play and for sure you have the dance floor moving like a wave. He definitely is cooking those drums and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

Marc Romboy – Stalker
Label: Kompakt
Release: February 14th

A proper rocket, incredible drive and vibration inside here. Super catchy melody leading the track all the time. I like to play this when I can feel the crowds energy about to peak as that blast of sound really explodes on the dance floor.

Eagles & Butterflies – Can’t Stop (Gerd Janson Trax Shop Remix)
Label: Art Imitating Life
Release: February 28th

Gerd Janson is always delivering dreamy quality remixes and it brings me back to the 80’s straight to Prefab Sprout music. You know that whatever Gerd delivers is going to be good and this nostalgic track does exactly what you can tell he intended when he sat down to remix this.

Emanuel Satie – Tokyo ASMR
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release: February 28th

I’d like to define this track as a cool fusion beat, the groove is solid and together with the vocal and the shamisen doing its hypnotic work it really becomes an elegant record. It’s rare something like this comes about but the Crosstown Rebels crew always know what they’re doing.

Roy Rosenfeld – What Happened To Me
Label: Rumours
Release: February 28th

This track is slow but at the same time a train looking for its next stop, you can feel it building the anticipation, it’s always good to have tracks like this to hand as no set is complete without them. The leading melody is proper ace in total Rumors style.

Riva Starr ft. Mikey V – It’s My Life
Label: Snatch!
Release: February 7th

‘It’s My Life’ makes it possible to feel and hear Riva Starr in pure Detroit house music with Mikey V on the vocal part delivering a sparkling mix of groove lyrics. The 303 gives extra gear to the track. Impossible to not dance.