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Shay De Castro drops new track ‘Altered State of Mind’

Shay De Castro is an up & coming producer whose latest single ‘Altered State of Mind’ comes on Technoblazer. It’s a fierce club track with pounding percussion and viperous energy that will give any dancefloor a real workout.

One of the people leading techno’s next-generation, Shay De Castro said she first discovered techno as a teenager, and would use her school’s computer to contact people in Europe to learn more about the music.

Years later, her passion for techno has led her to become a producer and a skilled DJ who has spent years refining her sound. Her music has picked up DJ support from names like Adam Beyer, Pleasurekraft, Filterheadz, and Oscar L.

The track takes flight after the breakdown, where the arpeggiating synth and stabbing melody line invigorate the track with an infusion of potent energy. On a whole, it’s an epic slice of techno that seems likely to do the mainstage rounds this summer season.

Shay De Castro – Altered State of Mind is out now on Technoblazer.

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