Premiere: Underbooz - Saturn | Soundspace

Premiere: Underbooz – Saturn

Premiere: Underbooz - Saturn

Rating: 8.0

Based out of Barcelona, Spanish duo Underbooz will once again return to their own Booz Muz label, an imprint they have so far kept exclusively for their own productions.

Following up on January’s Seven Deadly Sins album, the pair return with yet another album, again seven tracks in length. This time around it’s titled Seven Planets, and in their own words is “dedicated to the seven non-fixed objects in the classical astronomy visible to the naked eye.”

Track titles on the project include Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus, we run an exclusive premiere for the opening track – Saturn.

Sonically it’s a no hold barred techno demon, with alien-like vocal samples, screeching percussive bleeps and roaring synth lines, all sat between devastating kicks and rumbling sub bass. Coming in a little under seven minutes, it offers plenty of time to enjoy the energetic nature of this one.

Underbooz’ Seven Planets EP is available March 23 on Booz Muz.