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Premiere: Felix Kröcher – Just Bang

Rating: 8.5

Felix Kröcher is an artist who refuses to follow trends. Kröcher helped shape electronic music in the mid 00’s through his own carefully crafted brand of techno, and it’s just that that has seen the producer perform at world stages such as Time Warp and WIRE Festival in Japan. A highly acclaimed album, LAUFT, has also been clocked alongside previous releases such as DISCOVER and The Live Collection.

Kröcher’s latest project, Just Bang, is to be released on Toolroom Records and it showcases the Frankfurt dweller in fine form.

Pulsating techno right from the start. Haunting laughter can be heard amongst the madness. This is a heavy affair. A bassline that could break bones reigns supreme whilst hi hats and alarm sounds join the party. Outstanding once more from the German.

Just Bang is out on Toolroom Records on November 4th.

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