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Premiere: Alex Dolby – Lunatic Boost

Premiere: Alex Dolby - Lunatic Boost

Rating: 8.0

Based in the Frosinone region of Italy, techno producer Alex Dolby will be releasing his fourth artist album, and on his very own label, Affekt Recordings, where he has welcomed the sounds of Alex Bau, VSK, Par Grindvik and others in the past.

The new record, titled Fault System LP, will bring ten of his all original productions, with plenty of darkened techno noises on display. We run an exclusive premiere for Lunatic Boost.

The track puts focus on beating kick drums and squelchy synth tweaks with a subtly experimental arrangement, it’s our pick of the tracklist and showcases Dolby’s progression as an artist.

Alex Dolby’s Fault System LP is out December 14th on Affekt Recordings.