Piero Pirupa discusses his recent release on elrow, NONSTOP and summer 2019 | Soundspace

Piero Pirupa discusses his recent release on elrow, NONSTOP and summer 2019

Interview: Pirupa

Music from CJ Jeff, Matt Tolfrey, wAFF and Kinnerman have put Piero Pirupa’s aptly named NONSTOP label among the elite and really given him a solid platform to portray his vision in an unrestricted environment.

Having just come off a release with Spanish imprint Elrow, Pirupa is gearing up once more, this time for releases with Kaluki and Incorrect during June and July.

We spoke to the Italian DJ, producer and label boss about everything he has going on for the coming summer, his Our Sound EP for elrow and more, grab the full interview below.

Hello Pirupa, hope things are going well at the moment?

Yes, everything is alright thanks – always busy touring and working hard in the studio!

Your recent ‘Our Sound EP’ on Elrow, talk us through the production process for this one?

This is a collaboration with my brother Leon. I have already collaborated with him in the past for a release on Saved and after some time we decided to do something new and so we studied for an EP for Elrow, We are just really inspired by the Elrow events and the big party that they take around the world.

It was not easy to put ideas together and produce them in the studio, it took time but, in the end, we had an excellent result.

And how does your studio flow typically work? Do you have a label or sound in mind before you power up the computer?

I don’t sit in my studio if I don’t have any idea on my mind, but, thank God, almost all the time I have some ideas because I take lots of inspiration during my travelling. Sometimes I also do music for a specific label or take an example from some of the hottest tracks around, but I prefer to give a unique sound to my productions and take lots of inspiration from the sounds of the 70s and 80s.

The Elrow EP saw support from some big names, including Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1, it must feel great when a track resonates with your peers?

Yes, the reason why I produce is because I want to see other DJs spin my records in the clubs, festivals and on the radio etc, and that EP got a huge support from many big artists and I’m very happy with the results – it was one of my favourite releases of the last 3 years.

We read an old interview from 2013 where you mentioned that 2012 was the best year of your career, how have things progressed since then, are you still enjoying things?

I always enjoy and love my job. After that year I started to travel often around the world and it forced me to cut the time to stay in the studio and do music, but I really discovered that I love DJing the same as I love to make music and this is an amazing thing.

At the beginning of my path, I was DJing in my region and a few cities in Italy and spent most of my time producing music so people started to know me more as a producer than as a DJ. But things have changed the last 10 years and my productions have given me the chance to play everywhere and show to the world that I’m a DJ too – and to be honest, travelling the world to spin/DJ is so beautiful.

Glasgow Underground and Crosstown Rebels are among the labels you’ve released on in the past, what imprints might be getting added to the list in 2019?

I’ve got a release on my label NONSTOP, a single called Around then an EP on Kaluki and another EP on Incorrect with a big remix from Tim Baresko. Lots lined up over the next few months.

And how about DJing, got anything big in store?

It will be a busy summer season around Europe with gigs in Spain, Italy, UK and for the first time, with my label NONSTOP, we will host the main stage of the Thursday night at Aquasella Festival in Spain – so excited, I can’t wait!

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat! Before we go, tell us one producer you think is going to make a statement this year?

There are so many right now. I’m in love with the sound of Ben Sterling, Ruben Mandolini and Glowal.

Pirupa’s Take Me Away EP will drop June 21st on Kaluki.