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Interview: Kohra

Interview: Kohra

When it comes to club focused dance music, most people would mention countries like Germany, Spain, Netherlands or UK. Though one territory that might have the most potential as a future capital of club music is, without doubt, India.

One talented artist pushing the development of India’s techno scene is New Dehli local Kohra. The Qilla Records boss has put out tunes from Pysh, Filtergeist and Sarcasmo, and has made appearances with other top labels including Sol Selectas and Manual Music.

Marking the release of his latest Acid Kidz EP on Qilla, we got a chance to have a quick chat with Kohra to ask him about his opinion on his homelands growing scene, the future of his label and what he has planned for the coming months.

Good day Kohra! How are you?

Hey! I’m great, thanks. Hope you guys are well.

You’re based in India, how are you finding the growing electronic music scene there?

Yes, I am and I think it’s a lot more fresh here than in other countries since we’re still new to this in many ways which is limiting but also a good thing in its own way.

You have just released your new Acid Kidz EP on your own label Qilla Records, tell us about that?

The release is inspired by a lot of the acid, breakbeat & psy-trance I heard in my childhood. It’s my interpretation of the music that I grew up with and the present. A full cycle. Also, when it comes to my releases on Qilla, I only like to put out music that’s extremely close to my heart and personally, there was nothing closer.

And the remixes from Kotelett, Zadak, SHFT and FILM, how did you react when you first heard them?

I love them all, seriously. I think the fact that none of them are like my originals and more like each of the artists featured adds various new dimensions to the entire release.

Your music has already landed on Manual Music, Parquet and Sol Selectas, will you be adding any other labels to the list in 2019?

Absolutely, I’m currently working on music for a few select labels where I feel at home.

How about touring, do you have much planned for the coming months?

I’m playing a few select shows in India this year and spending more time in the studio than ever before. I think next year should bring a lot more travel in comparison.

It’s been excellent to find some time to chat, let’s close things out with a fellow India-based producer you think is making big moves right now?

Arjun Vagale with his new AsymetriK project.

Kohra’s Acid Kidz EP is out now on Qilla Records.