Brazil's coiro delivers 'Desvendar' EP to Blue Marble | Soundspace

Brazil’s coiro delivers ‘Desvendar’ EP to Blue Marble

Brazil's coiro delivers 'Desvendar' EP to Blue Marble

coiro is a prominent figure in the Brazilian electronic music scene. Despite only being active for a little over a year, his music has already showcased a cohesive and powerful sound. These qualities were evident in his first album ‘Reflections’, which was released last year by YION. His latest ‘Desvendar’ EP recently released on Blue Marble – further solidifying his expertise.

The experience presented in this release finds coiro pay total attention to the finer details of his sonic identity, creating refined arrangements, efficient grooves, and immersive ambiences based on melodic house lines, with touches of downtempo, deep house, and Afro house that enrich the melodies.

The title track offers an intimate experience which impacts listeners and their deepest emotions. For this reason, coiro has been releasing this EP in homeopathic doses – with one single being released each month.

‘Até Logo’ introduced the journey, featuring engaging progressive lines built on softened drum beats. ‘Falta’ followed with an atmosphere that moves between the melancholic and the dreamy, with a light progression and sublime melody. Lastly, ‘Tudo Passa’, the unreleased track that came with the release of the EP concludes things by proposing that the listener take a look inside themselves, connecting with their innermost emotions, healing wounds, and making hope more present than ever.

coiro – Desvendar EP is out now on Blue Marble.

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