Yung Lean and Uli K collaborate on 'Schemin' | Soundspace

Yung Lean and Uli K collaborate on ‘Schemin’

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Bala Club member Uli K has teamed up with sadboy Yung Lean to produce a track that diversifies genre.

Bala Club are a London clique inspired and formed through their love of forward thinking electronic music. They’re due to release their debut compilation on the 9th June, through their new label, and it will feature ‘Schemin’, which also features Bala Club member Mechatok.

The video is something you would expect to see Corbin (Spooky Black) produce. Amateurish camera work comes together with a harsh spotlight in an eerie location.

The song itself combines progressive, deep house with the trap style of hip hip that has become so accustomed with Lean’s work. There are also oriental influences thrown into the mix, something we know is a main source of inspiration for the Sad Boy kingpin.

Listen to Yung Lean and Uli K’s ‘Schemin’ below.