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Woozee – Patta


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Rating: 9.0


UK label Club Soda Records return for their first cut of 2015. The British imprint recruits the services of Doncaster’s Woozee, who’s seductive Mista Men project has successfully captured the attention of many dedicated UK garage fans.

Now releasing solo, his ‘Fine Without You EP’ is a step up for the young Brit. Consisting of three impressive cut’s; ‘Patta’, ‘Fine Without You’ and ‘Low Key’. We bring you an exclusive full length of Patta, a slick and memorable track, that will no doubt be heard on radio and DJ playlists across world.

Making up the foundation see’s skippy percussion, crisp hats and a deep kick drum that sits comfortably between the low bed of sub bass. Classic UK inspired synths are heavily present too, with the main chords consisting of a filter organ lead. While trademark garage vocal chops bring a touch of variation.

Get ‘Woozee – Patta’ via Club Soda Records.


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