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Wipe The Needle drop double EP on Local Talk

Breaking away slightly from their usual style of soulful house, the latest sonic offering from Local Talk is a little darker. Wipe The Needle has drawn upon his drum and bass / UK garage influences to produce a couple of tracks that have more of a two-step vibe.

‘Round of Applause’ opens the first part of the double EP, as its synthesized bassline creates a funk vibe that flows throughout the track. It also features a soulful vocal from Aleysha Lei, which becomes the defining feature of the original mix.

‘Jack the Nitty’ is the second track on part one, and it’s got a squelching bassline that’s heavy with sub frequencies and full of dystopian textures. ‘Event Horizon’ has a more uplifting feel than the prior track, but it’s still very urban with a hardcore style bass that’s fused with jazzy, high-end percussion fills and broken beats.

Moving onto part two, the three tracks focus on a sound that most would expect from Local Talk. ‘It’s My World Ya Heard’ opens the release with moody synths and a hip hop style vocal sample.

‘Would Ya’ has trippy synth stabs and rippling bass textures that create a bumping groove filled with jazzy flair and a touch of experimentation. ‘Fist Of The North’ has a breakbeat groove and tantalising synth lines that make way for some old school vocal samples in the breakdown.

Wipe The Needle – It’s My World Ya Heard EP and Round Of Applause EP are out now on Local Talk.

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