We spoke to Soulphiction about his '24/7 Love Affair' with Local Talk | Soundspace

We spoke to Soulphiction about his ’24/7 Love Affair’ with Local Talk

Interview: Soulphiction

Soulphiction is one of the most respected names in underground house music. Also known under other aliases such as Jackmate, he has been releasing quality music for well over ten years.

Having brought tracks to labels such as Pampa Records, Lumberjacks In Hell and Circus Company along with his own imprint, Philpot Records.

Having recently dropped his new album on iconic Swedish imprint Local Talk, we caught up with Soulphiction to chat about the release, why it landed on Local Talk and more.

I recently checked out your new album on Local Talk, and really enjoyed it. Can you talk me through the inspiration behind the LP?

It was just about time, to do another album, doing 12″ releases is fun and all, but an album seems to still be the only medium that combines various styles. I had a lot of material and just sent it to the Local Talk guys, so it came together quite quickly.

How many albums have you released now, and does the process of putting one together get any easier as you get more experience making an LP?

I’ve released a total of six albums over the years under the names Soulphiction and Jackmate, plus my ManmadeScience Band project.

To program an album now that people might listen to in pieces due to streaming, is a bit critical, because the tracks won’t necessarily be listened to in the same way I programmed it for vinyl. That’s why we split it into a 3-part vinyl release that gives it some context.

The new album is on Local Talk, was it always planned to be released by them, as I know you run the Philpot label?

Philpot had been put on hold until 2020, as I wanted to work more with other labels after mainly releasing on my own imprint for so long. Local Talk is just perfect for me, as we share the same ideals about music, and they’ve already got lots of experience putting out albums.

Talking of Philpot, how are things going with the imprint, do you have much new stuff lined up for 2020?

Won’t spill any beans, but Philpot will return with a bang in 2020, some new talent and a new look!

What’s next after the album, will there be any singles from the release or new remixes?

We will have some exclusives on vinyl coming right after the digital album, and remixes are not decided just yet.

Thanks again for talking about your album, are there any other projects you want to talk to us about before we finish?

I’m actually restarting my Jackmate moniker, and have some releases coming up. Soon, I will also start playing live again. Please check the great Zendama compilation put together by my man Ripperton for his label Tamed Music, as I’m featured on there. Then there will be some Soulphiction remixes coming up for JT Donaldson and Session Victim amongst others.

I also have a track on the new Heideology VA from the infamous Club Heideglühen in Berlin, which is out now!

All the best for 2020, will you be making any new year’s resolutions?

Quit smoking cigarettes is top on my list, but usually I don’t do resolutions.

Soulphiction’s 24/7 Love Affair LP is out now on Local Talk.