Watch Lay-Far's 'Jump Higher' video (Exclusive Premiere) | Soundspace

Watch Lay-Far’s ‘Jump Higher’ video (Exclusive Premiere)

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If there’s one thing Swedish imprint Local Talk do well, it’s releasing music you don’t expect to like, it’s different, but once you listen you’re instantly hooked.

Much is the same with Russian Lay-Far, combining funk, jazz, hiphop and house tempos alongside a electronica meets live hybrid, it’s excellent.

Mad Mats and Tooli’s work ethic is transparent, with numerous albums, EPs and a unique and consistent visual image, Local Talk is the one to watch.

The latest collaboration from the Swedish and Russian friends brings ‘Jump Higher’, and we have the official video for a premiere! The track see’s live drums, steel drum melodies and sensual piano rhythms, all laid on a bed of back to basics house music.

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