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Waleed debuts on City Slang with ‘Se Rompen’

Waleed - Se Rompen

Having already released music from renowned selectors such as DJ Koze, Gerd Janson, Solomun, and Gold Panda, Berlin-based record label City Slang have developed a reputation as being a reliable source for top shelf club productions.

One of the latest names to join the City Slang roster is Waleed, an emerging American producer who despite only having two releases under his belt so far, is already making serious waves.

Earlier this year he released his ‘Se Rompen’ single on the label, an organic-leaning dance cut which merges chunky bassline textures and blocky percussion with a stream of Latin-esque vocal hooks and quirky one shot sounds.

It’s an infectious and groove heavy club track that should have a place in everyone’s music collection, and is one of our favourites from 2022 so far.

Waleed – Se Rompen is out now on City Slang.

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