Vini Pistori releases 'Acid Bleep' EP on BAU_HAUS | Soundspace

Vini Pistori releases ‘Acid Bleep’ EP on BAU_HAUS

Vini Pistori releases 'Acid Bleep' EP on BAU_HAUS

Versatility, authenticity, diversity, and plenty of experience. This is how Vini Pistori presents himself, an emerging artist on the Brazilian scene, he has been delighting audiences with his intimate and sophisticated approach, which is differentiated by the expertise he brings and the cohesion of his artistic identity. It’s no wonder that the artist has eluded geographical boundaries, such as his arrival at BAU_HAUS, a sub-label of Renaissance, which signs his new ‘Acid Bleep’ EP.

The EP is just one of many highlights that Pistori has accumulated so far in his musical journey. As his CV boasts releases on labels such as Rebellion, Moodmusic, Dantze, Monaberry, Mumbai, Connected, and most recently Sum Over Histories.

‘Acid Bleep’ kicks off the EP by creating an atmosphere that permeates the entire track. For this production he uses distorted beats, technological elements, synths, and rhythmic claps, which make up the groove. Following that ‘Laughing Dance’ brings strong house influences, with characteristic percussive lines, but without neglecting the futuristic atmosphere proposed by the EP; the melody becomes denser when Machiavellian laughter and psychedelic sounds are revealed.

To finish, Pistori presents ‘Fresh’, which begins with minimalist arrangements but gradually takes shape with an intense groove of strong beats, keys, and acid textures. It’s a journey through the different strands of house.

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