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Various – Spaghetti & Mandolino EP | AOW003


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Rating: 8.0


Italian born, now London native Federico Lange, known to most as Fede Lng has been steering his Axe On Wax imprint in the right direction for three releases now, the latest being a massive four track deep sampler from Stefano Esposito, Luca Tuccillo, Speakdeep, Dimkal, Eman, Kid Mark and Ciro De Gais. Pressed on a limited run of high quality wax it’s a worthy edition to any collection. We previously premiered the EP and after an obsessive amount of playbacks we decided to run a review to show our true appreciation for the keen ears of Fede Lng.

Luca Tuccillo’s edit of Stefano Esposito’s ‘Nobodys Fool’ kicks things off in high standard, a heavy jazz influence soon makes it’s self known with an electronic piano and old school vocal hooks making a strong first impression.

‘Back To Basics’ sees Speakdeep, Dimkal and Eman come together for one of the more groovier tracks on the sampler. A deep synth bass peaks its head up with the use of filter envelopes, the arrangement is also filled with thick chords that lay a soft running stream for the top line to perfectly bounce off. The trio literally take things ‘Back To Basics’.

Kid Mark’s ‘Feel The Same Thing’ is one of the more rowdy tracks here, sounding like it’s straight off a Detroit Swindle EP, it’s loud, rude and well cut. When it comes to pure house music, it doesn’t come much finer than this. Impressive use of sampled vocals pairs well with modern production.

Last up on this four track journey is Ciro De Gais’ ‘Deep Sunset’, taking things to a greater height with energetic string pads and vocal chops ringing out above well placed chords. This combined with the hard hitting drums makes it perfect for the end of the night, the wide break down building suspense for the massive bassline that dominates the second half of the track.


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