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Understanding Reverb

Understanding Reverb Point Blank


Point Blank explains how to get the perfect space in your tracks


Unless you’re in an anechoic chamber, no sound you hear in the real world is without reverb and accurately re-creating real-world spaces in your mix can be the difference between an amateur and professional sound. Our latest tutorial goes in depth with reverb, giving you the tips you need to realistically create everything from classic plates and springs to halls and huge reflections only possible in the digital realm.

Of course, we only skim the surface of what’s possible with creative and practical use of reverb. If you want to know more about using reverb techniques in your music, and learning more about mixing in general, check our online mixing and mastering courses here. If you study with us in London, not only will you get to learn at our kitted-out campus, you’ll also get to try out your skills at some of London’s most respected studios such as Strongroom and Miloco. Find out more about our Music Production and Sound Engineering courses here and book yourself on one of our courses!