UMEK & Sam WOLFE return for 'Aktivate' | Soundspace

UMEK & Sam WOLFE return for ‘Aktivate’

UMEK and Sam WOLFE are back on 1605 with their second collaborative production, titled ‘Aktivate’.

The label has become an imprint that’s helped launch the careers of aspiring techno artists, who are now starting to blossom. Mha Iri being one example, who launched her career with the help of 1605, and is now releasing with labels like Drumcode and Filth on Acid.

Sam WOLFE is another of the artists who has used UMEK’s platform to make a name for himself, and he has become one of their most popular artists, perhaps second to only UMEK himself.

‘Aktivate’ is a rave-inspired track that has intense synth stabs and old-school breakbeats, which burst forth from its four-to-the-floor groove. Dominated by a gargantuan kick drum, the track has a stomping groove that will have people punching the air in time to the beat.

UMEK & Sam WOLFE – Aktivate is out now on 1605.

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