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UMEK releases new techno remix of ‘Quadrophonia’ rave classic

Younger generations may not be familiar with some of the early tracks that introduced rave culture to the mainstream, but those who were teenagers in the ‘90s will need little introduction to classics such as Quadrophonia’s ‘Quadrophonia’.

‘Quadrophonia’ was a hit across Europe and it broke into the top 40 in places like Holland and the UK. The latest release on UMEK’s 1605 label is a modern version which reintroduces the track to a new generation of clubbers.

The release also features a modern remix from UMEK himself and he has left his mark on the track with a peak-time techno groove with the style that he has made his trademark in recent times. It’s a great way for him to close out 2022 and introduce the year which marks his third decade in techno.

Switching the original version’s breakbeat to a four-to-the-floor groove, UMEK’s remix brings high-paced percussion, thumping kick drums, and a throbbing bassline with snippets from the original.

Quadrophonia’s ‘Dark Dub’ version is on a similar vibe to UMEK’s remix, but it uses a lot more of the original vocal sections. They also add a new lead synth to replace some of the more outdated sounds and it nicely complements their more aggressive revamped groove.

Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia (UMEK Remix & Dark Dub) is out now on 1605.

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