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UMEK, POPOF, & Space 92 collaborate on new single ‘Control’

UMEK, POPOF & Space 92 collaborate on new single 'Control'

‘Control’ is the new single from Space 92, UMEK, and POPOF, who have collaborated on one track for the first time.

Anyone who knows these three individually should instantly be able to predict the style of this release, as all three of them share a similar style at the core of their individual sounds.

It’s a single-track release that comes via UMEK’s 1605 imprint, which continues to be one of the driving forces in the techno scene, not only releasing his own music, but many others such as Mha Iri and Teenage Mutants.

UMEK and Space 92 are artists that I think many people are surprised have not collaborated before now, as both seem to like working with other artists, and they both operate in similar circles. POPOF is the cherry on top of the cake, as he is also an artist at the top of the techno scene, and someone who makes this collaboration even more exciting.

All three have achieved so much, POPOF and UMEK being part of the old guard and Space 92 being someone who’s leading the next generation of techno superstars.

Bursting out of the speaker, Control’s dominating kick drum bangs in all the right places, and the flashes of acid really add to the unfolding tension. The stabbing melody and euphoric breakdown give the dance floor exactly what it needs for a hands in the air moment of unity.

UMEK, Popof & Space 92 – Control is out now on 1605.

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