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UMEK brings hard-hitting ‘Persona’ EP to 1605

UMEK is back on his 1605 imprint with another high-energy techno release that merges explosive percussion and captivating synth lines.

Persona is a two-track EP which reminds us why UMEK has become such a dominant force in the sales charts of leading download stores such as Beatport. It’s easy to see why so many people hunger for his music, as his tracks often have numerous hooks and focal points that make them stand out.

Something of a chameleon, UMEK has evolved to stay current and maintain his relevance within the music industry. In the ‘90s he was known for his industrial-edged tracks which later progressed into tribal loops, his modern sound often utilises euphoric breakdowns sandwiched between hard-hitting, percussive sections.

The title track is the first of the two inclusions, a fiery techno cut which combines thumping percussion with a big low end. Its fast-paced rhythms and bass elements merge to create an intense atmosphere that’s full of forward momentum.

‘Choice to Pursue is a little different from UMEK’s modern tracks and gives a nod to his classic style of looped tribal percussion and grinding lead synths. This track is still in line with his overall style, but it lacks the euphoric undertones that some people might look for.

UMEK – Persona is out now on 1605.

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