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UMEK drops his last release of 2021 ‘Frequency Differ’

UMEK is back with what is presumed to be his last release of 2021, and it’s a blasting techno release that will satisfy fans of his trademark sound, while also offering up something a little different on the B-side.

Based in Slovenia, UMEK is a global techno phenomenon who for over two decades has explored different styles and perfected his production skills. His chunky tracks have punchy percussion and synth lines that breathe energy and excitement with every pulse or tone.

The B-side track, “Binary Pair” breaks away from UMEK’s usual solo style, and presents his alter ego Zeta Reticula, which is an alias that he uses to release underground electro tracks in a style similar to the likes of DJ Stingray or Sync 24.

Showcasing his skills and diversity as a music producer, this release is very much a flex of his talents, as each track is perfectly fine-tuned to each genre. The opening track “Frequency Differ” is a polished piece of techno with a euphoric breakdown positioned between explosive percussion sections. Binary Pair is an edgy electro work with raw analogue textures and dark tensions with flickers of melody bursting forth from the ominous pads.

If this was a vinyl release, then it might split opinion, as these styles do usually appeal to different crowds of people. But with it being up for digital download, people can pick out just the tracks they want, if they only like one or the other.

Personally, we think both tracks are great, and for anyone with eclectic taste, this is another fantastic example of why UMEK has remained one of the world’s most relevant electronic music artists for such a long period of time.

UMEK vs Zeta Reticula – Frequency Differ EP is out on December 3rd via 1605.

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