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UMEK and Mark Reeve join forces for ‘Message’

UMEK and Mark Reeve join forces for 'Message'

UMEK is back with what might be his biggest release of 2020, which is a big statement when you take into consideration that he has already had multiple No. 1 selling tracks in numerous techno sales charts.

Having already collaborated with many other leading talents including The YellowHeads, Cosmic Boys and Teenage Mutants. This time he has teamed up with Mark Reeve who has previously worked with labels like Drumcode, Cocoon and Terminal M.

Mark Reeve working in a solo capacity would be enough to get most techno fans super excited but teaming up with UMEK makes for something extra special.

It’s hard to imagine the creative vibes that must have been in the air when these two started laying down track ideas, but no doubt there was no shortage of inspirational sounds coming out of the speakers before they decided on which idea to flesh out into a full track.

Leading with their best foot forward, the guys confidence in their sound has led to this single-track EP titled Message. Any time a release features just one track you know that it is going to be epic, as it’s got to be great if you are putting all your eggs in one basket, and as you can probably tell by our build up, it’s a modern techno masterpiece!

Full of energy and powerful synth lines, it’s punchy percussion pounds out the speakers with perfect production. Just the right amount of everything needed for maximum effect on the dance floor, it’s in your face without being too overpowering.

Grab a listen to the track below.

UMEK & Mark Reeve – Message is out now on 1605.